Karla Lant

Freelance Writer, Editor and Professor


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I’m an experienced freelance writer and editor in many genres and subject matter areas.

I am a Life Insurance Writer for The Simple Dollar; in that role I help everyday people understand and master life insurance issues and questions. I have dealt with related regulatory issues as an attorney and have researched and written in the area of life insurance and estate planning. I am a regular feature article contributor for Education.com. In that role I research and interview experts in various subject matter areas and produce journalistic articles.

I contribute regularly to various online publications such as AZ Central and Tomorrow’s Trends as a journalist and writer. I am a content writer for Ink’d Content. I am a writer for Knoji on a variety of consumer topics. I continue to write academically and I also write copy and other work to specification. I was a contributor to the a cappella musical In Transit.

A graduate of Columbia Law School, I was a trial attorney for about nine years. During that time I dealt with major felony defense in criminal cases with a focus on forensic science, medical evidence and other technical issues. I also worked for a nonprofit organization just out of law school. I furthered my education by completing my coursework for the LLM in Biotechnology and Genomics. (Still missing that thesis, though!)

I am currently an adjunct professor for Northern Arizona University. My students are graduates and candidates for the Masters of Administration degree. I have taught various business, management, administration, leadership, law and ethics topics over the span of many years.

I also have graduate training in social sciences including anthropology, sociology, gender race and class studies and related areas. I have an MA from the University of Alabama and a BA from the University of Arizona.

When I’m not working I love cooking, baking, canning and pickling. I raise a daughter at home which is my top priority. I love martial arts and yoga.

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